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Filoso Blade
Filoso Blade, The Barbers Blade
Filoso Razor Blades
Filoso Razor Blades
Filoso Razor Blades
Filoso Razor Blades
Filoso Razor Blades
Filoso Razor Blades
Filoso Blade boxes
Filoso Blade packaging
Filoso Razor Blades
Filoso Blade is Sanitary


Filoso Blade is high quality


Filoso Blade is disposable


Filoso Blade is made by barbers

Barber Made

Filoso Razor Blades


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Buy one box for $13 or buy a three month supply for $10 a box or be prepared and ready for the rest year with our best seller the 1 year supply for just $8 each. 

Each box contains 100 double-sided razor blades.

The Filoso Barber razor blades are the pinnacle of double edge razor blades. The stainless steel razor blades are platinum-coated for a strong finish and long-lasting toughness. They are created for Barber's to sharpen their client's hairlines and beards precisely.  The proper way, the Filoso way. We are the Home of the Barber's blade. 

"I know this will be the best razor you'll ever use, it's strong and it will last an entire shave"

- Frank Tha Man

Founder & Barber


Made with swedish metals, the Filoso Blade is a prime example of high quality products created under the Filoso name.

Although intended for one time use at the shop, it is reusable at home as the blade remains sharp for multiple uses.

Snap the Filoso Blade in half

Filoso Blade

Snapping the blade in half offers two unique ways to use the razor.

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