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We dedicate our time and experience to create signature tools like the Filoso blade. Built with high quality Swedish steel, the razor blade is consistent, long lasting and super sharp. It can be easily be snapped in half, allowing the Barber two unique ways to utilize the tool.

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Filoso Blade

Sharp and built to last

Despite being a single use, disposable item in the barbershop, the blade is built to last and can be loaded into a safety razor and reused at home. The Swedish metal deters rusting and its chiseled edges are sharp yet fine to smoothly glide across skin with relative ease time and time again.

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Filoso Blade is Sanitary


Filoso Blade is high quality


Filoso Blade is disposable


Filoso Blade is made by barbers

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What others are saying What others are saying
Filoso Brand The Creator - Filoso Brand

Francisco Carbajal

Francisco Carbajal is a Barber and the co-owner of Filoso Barber brand. He has a decade of experience and knows a thing or two about fine quality Barber products. He has devoted his 10 years of experience in creating a razor blade all Barber's can rely on.

100% Money Back

Animal Cruelty

Made by
Master Barbers